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SOT2020 Emerge Workshop – The Passion Pursuit

by sotchcadmin

This workshop was conducted for the students of SOT2020. Here are some of the questions covered in the workshop:

a) Why is discipleship important in our church today?
b) What are the challenges youths face today?
c) Youths are immature, is it a waste of time to disciple them so soon?
d) What are the goals of discipleship in a youth?

a) How to effectively disciple our members?
b) How does discipleship towards 13-17 years old look like?
c) How does discipleship towards 18-25 years old look like?
d) Is there a difference in the way we disciple youths from Christian and non-Christian families?
e) Do we allow cross gender discipleship?

a) Who do you select
b) What are the criteria?