SOT Stories • SOT故事

  • Slowing Down To Go Even Further

    by Evan

    Evelyn, 2013,  Singapore
    I started attending Harvest Kidz at the age of 10. Back then, I was a shy, overweight child with a love for the Chinese language and Mandopop, such as Taiwanese drama series, variety shows and karaoke. During our church’s Crossover Project, we invited a number of local and Taiwanese celebrities to share their testimonies and in one of the Emerge services, a seed was planted in my heart.  

  • 上帝奇妙的恢复

    by Evan

    蔡静沁, 2014,  新加坡
    我在2018年离开了新航公司的空姐岗位,并花了一年半的时间找新工作。只要我对那份工作感兴趣,我都会投简历申请,但过了六个月,我还是没有得到任何回应。因此,我决定降低我的要求。 只要我符合工作条件,无论我是否感兴趣,我都会提交求职简历。 我总共发出了将近 5,000 份申请。 然而,我连一次应征的机会都没有。