• 杨莉莉传道的灵修分享

  • Devotion by Pastor Lily Yong
    The world has been going through a tumultuous season due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and much of life has been affected. However, as believers of Christ, it is also a season for us to reflect: “Are we building our lives on the unshakable kingdom of God?” As a church, we have been going through the series of teachings concerning the Kingdom of God and the closest to my heart will be how God’s kingdom relates to the poor and needy.

SOT Stories • SOT故事

  • Genesis Elechicon , 2019, 菲律宾


  • As You Seek and Obey God, Blessings Will Flow

    by Jasmin Ng

    Genesis Elechicon , 2019, Philippines
    As a pastor’s son, I was raised in a Christian community. I grew up seeing my whole family serving the Lord. At the age of 7, I, too, started serving in the church’s music team. My father started the church after graduating from Bible school in 1985 under the management of the Assemblies of God.