SOT Stories • SOT故事

  • 孩童爱神之心

    by Jasmin Ng

    在 2004 年投入一年时间就读神学院,对我来说是一个改变人生的决定,让我真正体验到神奇妙的恩典和恩惠。 在那之后,我在教会找到了我的另一半,于 2009 年结婚,并于2011年5月迎来了我的第一个女儿 Alexia Bella(林恩雅),有幸体验了为人母的滋味。

  • A Child’s Heart For God

    by Evan

    Dedicating a year to attend the School of Theology in 2004 was a life-changing decision for me, one where I truly experienced the amazing grace and favor of God. Following that, I met my husband in church, got married in 2009 and was blessed to experience motherhood in May 2011 when my first daughter Alexia Bella was born.