• 『オードリー牧師によるデボーション』

  • Devotion by Pastor Audrey Ng
    We can find God when we seek Him with all our heart. God wants your whole heart—not half of it.
    The heart is the engine of human existence—the most important organ that carries oxygen to every part of the body. Without the heart, man cannot survive. Heart disease kills millions of people every year, hence, it is very important to keep our hearts healthy.

SOT Stories • SOT故事

  • 神的祝福超过我们所求所想

    by Evan

    王雅玲, 2012, 新加坡

    我是一位单亲妈妈,名叫雅玲。2003年我离婚后,就带着只有九岁的女儿和四岁和儿子住进了收容所一年。 当时的我真的身无分文,父母亲都在马来西亚,我的前夫也没能力给我瞻养费。我和孩子们在短短一年内顺利向政府申请到一房一厅的出租屋。

  • Wang Yaling, 2012,  Singapore

    After my divorce in 2003, I took my 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son to live in a shelter for a year. I was penniless as my ex-husband couldn’t afford to pay me alimony and my parents were in Malaysia.